CANDOR has the pleasure of representing and market the exellent thermoplastic material known under the name ”KLARITY”. Our market and sales territory covers most of East and West Europe. The ”KLARITY” products will accomodate any commercially sold mask system. We supply exactly the material you require for your daily use in your mold room. Thickness of the thermoplastic material, the perforation and shape,and even the precise position on you existing holding devices will be at your full satisfaction and requirements for a precise and reliable mask. In our brochure you will see the wide range of masks.

Candor will be very pleased to supply you with samples of the ”KLARITY” masks – identical with the masks you use today. You will hopefully  feel a significant improvement in our product, compared to other commercially sold materials in the market. We will supply the samples ”free of charge” for your evaluation. We are delivering from one major European warehouse and our logistics is geared for very fast delivery after you have given us your order. We deliver ”free your location” It simply cannot be easier for you to deal with Candor. We do our utmost in order to give you our best service and professional support.

Please study the ”KLARITY” brochure – identify the pattern/masks you are using in your department, and simply contact us using our web-site ”Info” We will then supply you with the ”KLARITY” material. It could not be easier for you.

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