About us

Candor is a dedicated and innovative production and sales company. Our product line is entirely meant for use in radiotherapy.

Candor was founded in 2007 by Erik Langelund with the principles of wanting to make a difference for people who are undergoing cancer treatment.

In 2022 the company initiated a generational change together with Henrik Valente Mortensen and Nicole Rossmann.

We want to be your clinical partner and supplier for life.
This means that we value both the comfort of the patient undergoing radiotherapy and user-friendly solutions for the treater, to cohesively secure a precise and effective treatment.

With a focus on customer service and user experience, we empower medical professionals to deliver exceptional care and improve health outcomes worldwide.

We have developed our own concept within immobilization of the patient undergoing radiation treatment and all our products are developed in close relation with leading cancer departments all over the world.

Our mantra when producing new immobilization devices is to keep it “Safe, simple and light”.
Because of this our products are mainly constructed in a high-quality carbon fibre, a lightweight MR friendly material or an easy-to-clean foam material. These are very suitable for radiotherapy because they have a low absorption rate and excellent transmission values.

All our products are manufactured in our own company of educated and highly skilled employees, where design and craftmanship are paramount to us. This gives you, as a customer, the opportunity to have tailor made solutions for your clinic.

We have a standard FDA approved programme of fixation equipment.

You are welcome to download our product information to obtain more details.

Products for immobilization and mould-room equipmentPATIENT SUPPORT SOLUTIONS

We also produce and market various accessories such as thermoplastic mask material, headrests, cushions etc.

Our product line offers you turn-key solutions to most of your requirements for immobilization and mould-room equipment.

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You are always more than welcome to contact us with your needs and any questions regarding solutions.

Our group of physicists and production team will do their utmost in meeting your wishes.