*All displayed products are currently in the process of being rightfully patented.*

Adjustable head support

Our innovative equipment enables the transformation of a ‘long board’, adjusting it in a way that inclines the headrest.

Designed to assist patients suffering from severe arthritis, this device allows for the elevation of the tilting plate’s front edge. This ensures that the neck region of the patient remains adequately supported.

The equipment’s setup is incredibly straightforward, utilizing an intuitive combination of numbers and letters for easy documentation on patient records.

Seamlessly integrating with the Easy Frame mask system, our equipment ensures that your transition to this system is both effortless and economical.

Moreover, our tilting plate is universally compatible with all known Head & Neck boards.

Consider this a cost-effective solution for transitioning to the Easy Frame mask system.

Adjustable coil holder for MR

Introducing our Adjustable Coil Holder, specifically designed for MR scanning.

This exceptional piece of equipment offers flexible height adjustment, conveniently marked with clear numerical positions for easy documentation on patient setup cards.

Thanks to its extended length, our coil holder allows the Flex Coil to reach beyond the neck area, ensuring comprehensive scanning coverage.

Despite its lightweight nature, the coil holder maintains exceptional stability on the board, providing a secure setup for your scans.

One of the standout features of our coil holder is its non-interference with scan images – it produces absolutely no artifacts, ensuring pristine, high-quality results every time.

With a design that prioritizes patient comfort, our coil holder is remarkably open. This reduces the potential for breathing difficulties and eliminates the risk of inducing claustrophobia, thus ensuring a comfortable and anxiety-free scanning experience for all patients.

CANDOR PRODUCT LINEInnovative products for immobilization of patients undergoing radiation treatment

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Thermoplastic is a common term for different kinds of plastic types that becomes pliable and moldable when it reaches a high temperature and hardens again when cooling

Thermoplastic masks are ideal to use during radiotherapy since the mask can be molded to fit the individual patient and secure a precise and efficient treatment

In our product line we offer a big variety of thermoplastic masks called Easy Frame to suit multiple kinds of radiotherapy treatments.

Since 2007 Candor have had a cooperation with the company Klarity®

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Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a lightweight, but very strong material which is made of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon.

Carbon fiber can be thinner than a strand of human hair and gets its strength when its twisted together like yarn. Afterwards it is woven into a fabric that can be laid over a mold and coated in resin or plastic to take a permanent shape.

Carbon fiber is also temperature tolerant to excessive heat and has a low thermal expansion.

At Candor we use carbon fiber as the main material to our XRT-Boards to ensure the best quality to our customers.

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Candor has a big variety of accessories and aids for radiotherapy such as thermoplastic masks, headrests, transport systems etc.

We aim to offer you easy solutions for your required immobilization and patient treatment.

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