CandorCushion™ (23x30cm, U)



CandorCushion™ 23 x 30 cm.

Optimum Temperature: 73˚C (165˚F )

Heat in a Candor Air Oven for 10 minutes, or in a Classic Oven for  20 minutes. CandorCushion™ will become soft and easily moldable when material is fully heated and ready to use. To prepare in a Waterbath, leave the cushion in the plastic cover and heat for 5 minutes per side – and keep the lid shut – no peeking.  Cushions can also be placed in a blanket warmer and left in for several hours.  CandorCushion can be left in a heating device longer than the required heating time – an hour is safe.  Do not heat them at a higher temperature than 73˚C (165˚F) as the pellets will shrink.

The material normally sets in 7-10 minutes, with a working time of 3-4 minutes, depending on thickness and room temperature.

CandorCushion™ can be reheated and remolded as needed per single patient.  Place cushions back in an oven for complete remolding, or use a hair dryer or heat gun for spot-treatment. Usually, if they have to be completely remolded more than twice, it’s recommended to start over with a fresh cushion.